six smart Ways to Stay Productive and Earn $2,000/Month

87% of smart bloggers strive to be and stay productive.

What about you?

Did you know that the major reason why you’re not making a living with your blog is because you aren’t productive?

As harsh as it might sound, it’s the truth. According to Dr. James Salmons, “all income depends on productivity.”

In other words, if you’re not productive, your earning ability will shrink and no matter how much effort you put into your blog, nothing worthwhile will come out of it.

A survey by “Mother Jones”, a research company revealed that 46% of employed email workers check work email on sick days.

This shows that they’re working harder than ever before and the take home paycheck isn’t encouraging at all. But if you’re a blogger – you should expect a greater reward.

As you read this post, you’ll discover 6 smart ways to stay productive and in turn double your blogging income.

Are you ready?

Blog Success Journal: How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online

1. Value Consciousness

First, you’ve  got to be conscious of your makeup. As a blogger, you’re not an ordinary person trying to help other people. There is something unique about you that the world is looking for.

Most bloggers who don’t make a living with their blogs are suffering from inferiority complex (sense of being inferior). They think that making a decent income is just too hard a goal to achieve. What do you think?

Remember, whatever level of success or failure you’ve experienced is the direct effect of what you hold dear to your heart. If you feed your mind with fear, you’ll never be wealthy in a brick and mortar business, let alone via blogging.

Become conscious. Be deliberate in your relationship with people. You’re not alone in this quest, and making $2k is simple, if you follow the proven plans. You can do it. And you will do it.

Blog Success Journal: How To Start A Blog And Make Money Online2. Set A Realistic Goal

I’m sure that your goal for reading this post is to learn how to earn $2,000 per month?

Well, let’s begin to see that as our goal. I’ve been blogging since 2011, and to this date, the successful bloggers continue to rake in 5 – 6 figure income, while the others barely earn enough to live by.

You know why?

Successful bloggers know how to set realistic goal. The term “realistic” simply refers to practical or reasonable.

Which means that if you’ve never made $10 online, why would you believe you can $1000? Of course, there is nothing wrong with thinking BIG. But such thoughts will drain you and cause you to quit blogging if you fail to meet your goals.

Since your goal is to earn $2k monthly. Let’s do a simple calculation:

$2,000 divided by 30 days (2000/30) = $67/day

Or $2,000/4 weeks (2000/4) = $500/week

Your aim is to either earn $67/day through your blog or work towards earning $500 weekly. That’s how you can reach your goal.

I think a goal of $67/day is more reasonable than a goal of $2,000/month. You see, if you want to be productive, challenge yourself to focus on important tasks in your business and take baby steps.

3. Develop Your Skills

When you’re blogging with a set goal to make money, remember that you’ve to be conscious of your value – what you carry that can impact readers and your target audience.

It might look simple at the surface, but analyzing your goal critically will help you see the opportunities you have.

And those opportunities can only be harnessed with your skills? The truth of the matter is that any blogger who doesn’t have a skill will continually lie fallow and complain of not making a living with their blog.

Your skill could be web design, graphic designs, writing, programming, consulting and more importantly, marketing skill. Don’t be empty, have something to offer to the world.

Blog Success Journal: How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online4. Publish Fewer Posts, Promote More

Are you skilled at writing? If you’re not, then I don’t see any good reason why you should choose blogging. Bloggers are world changers – they find an idea, piece them together and come up with a valuable content.

But to stay productive, take the advice of Derek Halpern, the founder of very seriously: “publish fewer blog posts, but make out time to promote the posts massively.”

Writing a post just to meet up with your editorial calendar would suck the life out of your readers – because the quality and value you bring will be low.

If you dare to write and publish new posts every day, you’ll not be productive in other vital areas of your blogging business – promotion.

Blog Success Journal: How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online5. Write Evergreen Case Studies

Do you want to continually generate income with your blog?

If yes, then give adequate time to crafting evergreen case studies often.

What has worked for other people, organizations and website owners?

Did you experiment with keywords research, SEO, writing, call to action buttons and so on?

Case study is usually based on experiments. However, when you write a case study that would be trusted, you’ve to capture screenshots, use data points to back up your facts and figures. Create custom charts to clarify points and do away with personal opinions.

One of the core ways to identify evergreen ideas that will go viral is by using Simply input/type your target keyword and hit search – within 2 seconds, this powerful social media tool will deliver ideas to you that are worth writing about.

Note: Always monetize your evergreen case study with affiliate offers. Ideally, such offers should pay at least $50+ commission per sale.

Blog Success Journal: How To Start A Blog & Make Money Online6. Promote High-Ticket Products

Blogging is hard work. And it’s not a shortcut to acquiring wealth. Sure, if you pay the price, nothing can stop you from increasing your cashflow.

In #5, I did say that you should monetize your evergreen case study with affiliate offers that pays at least $50/sale.

This is so important. High-ticket products will help you achieve your income goals quicker. Because it takes the same amount of energy and creativity to earn $20 or $100.

Some affiliate programs like web hosting services, premium membership sites and coaching courses will not pay you huge commissions. I’ve earned $250/lead through a CPA affiliate programs.

Stop wasting time on tiny commissions. You deserve to live the best life ever. Your goal is to earn $2k monthly, therefore, monetize your blog with high-end offers that will push you stronger to your goal.

At $200/sale, you just need 4 sales. But at $20 commission, you need to convince 1000 buyers. Sounds tedious, huh?

Productivity Takeaway

There you it, the 6 smart ways to productively earn $2k per month with your blog.

One important element of success is consistency. No matter the pressure on every side, don’t quit.

Keep at it and sooner or later, you’ll start to generate a sizable income with your blog. Productivity is the key – work to improve it, and you’d always smile to the bank.

What other ways can you stay productive in order to increase your income as a blogger?

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